Digital Atlas of Gynecologic Pathology by Meenakshi Singh, MD

Clear Cell Carcinoma

Gestational Endometrium

The aim of this gynecologic pathology atlas is to provide an online resource of digital images for the students of gynecologic diseases and the physicians diagnosing and managing these diseases. It encompasses the wide spectrum of pathology seen in the female genital tract (FGT). There are nearly 800 images in this atlas, and succinct legends explain their salient features. The majority of them are histology images, and these are complemented by relevant gross pathology, cytology, immunohistochemistry and clinical images. The emphasis is on tumors, although examples of non-neoplastic lesions and normal histology have been provided. The World Health Organization classification for tumors has been used. Although some entities are common amongst the tumors of the different sites in the FGT, others are unique to the site of origin. Metastatic lesions can mimic primary tumors, particularly in the ovaries, therefore many examples of metastatic tumors have also been included. One chapter (organ site) at a time can be viewed as an expandable tree by clicking on the open all categories link for each chapter.


I welcome feedback. As an educator and practitioner, I am keen to hear from individuals who plan to use this atlas for teaching, or recommend it as a resource for their courses, lectures and/or classes, use it as a tool for learning and as a reference; comments may be submitted to me at As this site will be regularly updated, I also encourage you to become a contributor by sending me images of entities that are not yet covered in the atlas. I shall acknowledge you if your images are incorporated into the online atlas. A CD ROM has also been developed.


Meenakshi Singh, MD


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Note: This is the second in a series of digital pathology atlases by the author. To view the first atlas, click here “Digital Atlas of Breast Pathology©”


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