Digital Atlas of Gynecologic Pathology by Meenakshi Singh, MD


It has been feasible for me to bring this atlas to fruition due to the assistance of many individuals who I am indebted to. I would like to thank the following for their much appreciated efforts: First and foremost, Rowena Clark who has made this digital atlas a reality with her web designing expertise, Sarah Walter, MD for images of uterine and fallopian tube pathology, Elke Jarboe, MD for some of the images of vulva/vagina pathology, Liberato Mukul, MD for the clinical images, Ali Akalin, MD for writing the legends to the gross images and assisting in the selection of the gross images, Lisa Litzenberger for coordinating various aspects of this work and ensuring picture quality, Susan Peth for transcribing the legends and Francisco G. La Rosa, MD for his invaluable help with web pages design and periodic online updates.

I thank the past and present pathology residents and surgical pathology faculty at the University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO, for the gross images and those at The Denver Health Medical Center for loan of glass slides. I would also like to thank Nikki Singh for help with editing the atlas and providing thoughtful comments about the design and feasibility of use. Many thanks go to Drs. Steve Silverberg, Rich Zaino and other peers for reviewing and critiquing the atlas. Thanks also go to Mikelle Parnes for the design of the original logo.

I thank Andrea Schmidt (Pathology) and Barbara Cole (Medical Informatics) at Stony Brook University Medical Center-School of Medicine for their diligent assistance in setting up the atlas.